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US Vet Connect Inc. is a a proud, family run, nonprofit. Before covid19 we had a dream of being dedicated to helping restore an independent lifestyle for wheelchair bound combat veterans. To Support that mission go and find more ways to donate- HERE. Now, have adjusted to a more direct approach to helping our communities.  Find our programs below...

The first annual "Can The Curb" Movement took place on Flag Day -14 June 2020 in Rio Vista, Isleton and the California Delta Loop. The food drive was a reaffirming success!

If you would like to start the Can The Curb movement in your area

go HERE to set up your community.

If you do not want to donate the food maybe you want to donate cash

directly to the cause HERE.

US Vet Connect is a 100% free awareness platform. Free to the charities & Free to the veterans (disabled and able bodied alike)finding their next adventure. US Vet Connect-Outdoor is bridging the gap between veterans and the outdoors. By providing a place to come together to find that military comradery in outdoor experiences.

US Vet Connect ORG

The Farm we will fund raise for will support several operations: the priority being to build a 5,000 SF state of the art, automated aeroponics glass greenhouse and grow tons of food in along with harvest hundreds

of pounds of the “super food” honey, 

All for donation to the local food banks, pantries and children's homes.

Our Covid-19 response is to focus 100% of our efforts and resources toward the immediate food shortage needs. All further projects will resume after the immediate food crisis has been met.

The programs on hold include production of custom prefabricated wheelchair accessible homes, install advanced chair lifts and ramps for vehicles, install custom built adaptive driving systems, provide advanced adaptive driver training. In addition, we will provide adaptive fishing and sight seeing trips aboard the soon to be converted 50 foot “Delta Diamond Fisher” for disabled veterans, their family and caregivers.

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US Vet Connect Inc is a 501c3 non-profit.

All Donations are 100% Tax-Deductible.

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